Romanian Language Institute of Sibiu

Discover a Modern Way to Learn Romanian

Come and learn Romanian the modern way! Our Institute offers classes with certified teachers who have enjoyed teaching Romanian for more than ten years. In addition to the standard courses, we have created three special courses that no other school offers in Romania (The Reading Club, The Weekend Class & The Course for Interpreters). Because of our dedication to quality education we tailor our courses to your needs. We look forward to working with you in a very relaxed environment and we anticipate you will make rapid progress in a short time!

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Free class

1 hour free

Speaking class

Price: 390 €/ module
Price: 300 €/ module
Accessing the class notes online

Individual class

Price 28 €/hour
23 €/hour if you purchase 10 hours or more

Group classes

Check out our group classes.
Starting from 235 €/ module

Special interest classes

Check out our special interest classes.
Starting from 21 €/ hour
weekend class 2

The weekend class

Price 30 €/hour
23 €/hour this month

2024 Romanian Tradition and Cuisine in Transylvania

Price: 770 €/ entire programme
Price: 570 €/ entire programme

2024 Spring School in Sibiu

Price: 550 €/ entire programme
Price: 435 €/ entire programme