Customers reviews

I've been studying Romanian with the Institute of Sibiu since 2019. I am a C1 Romanian speaker now and I can say I enjoyed my experience with the Institute thanks to the friendly stuff and amazing study materials. I also had the opportunity to visit Sibiu and I'm grateful for all the help the Institute provided with accommodation and for all the cultural activities they included me in. I am currently in a conversation class and in a study group and I am ready to move to Romania next year😊
Maria Nodea
I was very pleased with my teacher’s method to speak as much Romanian as possible even since the beginning of our class. I was a beginner and I couldn’t understand anything and now I have dreams in Romanian
Artyom Bukhanevich
I attended a beginners’ class and I was very impressed with the teacher. She was very professional, never late and made everything seem really easy. When I needed more explaining, the teacher stopped and made sure I understood everything. Also, she introduced each subject very naturally, I wish my high school teachers were all like her.
Chiara Meleri
I like learning languages; I believe it's very important to discover new cultures and realities, and the only succesful way to do that is by speaking to locals. I currently speak 4 languages (and a bit of a 5th one) but I don't think it's ever enough. I did my begginer's lesson, learning the letters and how to pronounce them, and I really liked it. Sînziana is a very good teacher, and I would like to have more lessons with her.
Robin Lucas
I liked the program, it was well organized and helped me a lot. Now it is easier for me to understand the language and to use it (in a restaurant, in public etc.).
Christian Trenkle
The course helped me improve my Romanian knowledge very much. Please maintain the high level of flexibility based on the students' needs. These adaptations aided in building confidence and knowledge.
Bradford Jenkins